I am offering basic headshots for actors/dancers/models. This is a low cost, no-frills service which is a perfect opportunity to update or expand on your current headshots, or for a cheaper entry level service for those starting out in their chosen industry.

I do not offer this service because I believe that the price of professional headshots is exorbitant - these photos are taken by professionals who have often spent years honing their skills at a professional level. Their time, equipment and skills are all worth the money. The cost however, for students or those hoping to dip their toes into performing etc, is often a difficult financial investment to make which is where I wish to offer a supplemented alternative. A bloody decent set of shots, but without all the frills of these amazing artists - hair and make up, masterful direction, studio lighting etc.


Between July and November 2019, I will be undertaking numerous educational short courses in Europe and the UK to progress my career as a theatre producer. I am extremely passionate about supporting emerging artists, so, after recently taking headshots for friends, who were extremely pleased with the results, I have decided to offer my services to others at far below the standard industry price, to help fund my overseas professional development.

How much.

I am offering a basic package of 5 photographs taken outdoors in natural lighting for $125.
You can choose the background, however it won't be a massive feature in your shots as we will focus on your head and shoulders. Location backdrops are usually out of focus (blurry) and are mainly used to give the headshot more interest, colour or texture. All you have to do is let me know what kind of backdrop you would prefer (e.g. nature, urban, brick walls, buildings etc.)

I will take many photos of you over about 45 min to an hour, in a number of different poses, then after the session will supply you with a link to some low resolution unedited proofs. You will then select the photos that you would like me to edit and then you will receive within 5 days. Any additional photos you would like edited will be an additional $10.


As these photos will rely natural lighting, the best time of day to shoot is in the late afternoon when the sun is at it's lowest (which varies depending on the time of year). If you can't shoot at this time, we can focus on shady areas. I will be leaving Melbourne for Berlin on July 1, so like, before then yeah?